How Erectile Dysfunction has affected my Self-Esteem

There is no question that erectile dysfunction has had a profoundly negative impact on my self-esteem and confidence as a man. I used to be a fairly confident guy who had no problem with picking up girls in bars, clubs and even on the street, but all of that changed when I started experiencing problems with ED. This condition has made it very difficult for me to approach women I don’t know, primarily because I am afraid of what my performance will be like in bed if I ever get that far with them.

Erectile dysfunction was responsible for ending my relationship of a year and a half with a great girl, which only lowered my self-esteem further. The fact is that most women don’t want to be with a guy who has serious problems staying hard in the bedroom. I have been trying to get this condition under control so I can be the self-confident person I once was. For the past year or so I have avoided meeting girls at all because I am so scared of what they will think of me in the bedroom.

As someone with ED, there is always the fear of being judged for not being a true man. I try to be more confident, but it’s extremely difficult. I really do want to meet another girl and be in a relationship, but the fact is that I just don’t feel confident enough yet. I am still experiencing problems with staying hard, and I know that a majority of women don’t really want to be with a guy like me.

My friends keep telling me to get back onto the dating scene despite my problem, but it’s definitely easier said than done, especially in my case. I want to find an effective treatment for my ED so I can get my confidence back. I hate feeling like I can’t go out and meet girls because of this issue.